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Bloody Severed Thumbs

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays for children; yet it may be the holiday that causes you the most worry. On one hand you don't want to deny your child all the fun and excitement Halloween brings, but on the other hand you need to know they are safe and you want to control what they are eating.

With a little creativity you can create a ghoulish party filled with treats that are safe, healthy, and fun.


Cocktail franks (you can even use veggies dogs, if you wish)
Premade pastry dough



Imagine that the cocktail frank is a thumb. Slice a wedge off the bottom ¼ of the cocktail frank so that it looks like the indentation of a thumbnail. Cut strips of pastry dough ¾ inch wide and 4 to 6 inches long. Wrap the pastry strip around the base of the frank (not the end for the thumbnail) to resemble strips of a bandage. Bake on a cookie sheet until the pastry is cooked through, but still soft and just lightly browned. Remove and cool. Dab ketchup on the indentation of the thumbnail and get ready to watch the faces of your youngsters as they bite into a severed thumb.

Also check out the Bloody Hand Sandwiches

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